Sister Mokran

2017.03.28 ~ 2017.04.22

Tue~Fri 8pm / Sat 3pm 7pm
Sun Holiday 4pm


Over the age of 14

Supports Artist
Kim, Eun Sung, Yeo, Sin Dong

'Sister Mokran', directed by Jeon, In Cheol and written by Kim, Eun Sung, the DOOSAN ART CENTER Artist Incubator Program participants, premiered in DOOSAN Art LAB in 2011 as a reading performance, then was introduced in Marginal People Series at DOOSAN ART CENTER in 2012. The play captures the stories of separated people like the divided North and South Koreas, through the perspective of a female North Korean defector named Mokran Cho. DOOSAN ART CENTER Artist Incubator Program participant Yeo, Sin Dong is the art director of 'Sister Mokran'.