Die Gedanken sind Frei DOOSAN Gallery Seoul Xooang Choi_Unbodied Objects
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    DOOSAN Art Center
    DOOSAN HUMANITIES THEATER SERIES 2017: Conflict2017.03.20-06.17
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    DOOSAN Art Center Yonkang Hall
    The Story of Sun-Nyeo2017.05.06-05.20
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    270, Yonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-739
    Tel +82.2.708.5001 more
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    DOOSAN Art Center Space111 Tickets
    DOOSAN HUMANITIES THEATER SERIES 2017: Conflict 'Die Gedanken sind Frei'2017.05.23-06.17
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    Doosan Art Center
    Work Contest / Rent
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    DOOSAN Residency New York
    DOOSAN Residency New York Spring 201701.01-06.30, 2017
    Artists in Residence: Min Oh, Xooang Choimore
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    DOOSAN Gallery Seoul
    DOOSAN HUMANITIES THEATER SERIES 2017: Conflict 'An-Other Column'2017.4.12 ~ 5.27
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    DOOSAN Gallery New York
    Xooang Choi 'Unbodied Objects'2017. 5. 18 - 6. 24